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Der Regenbogen und seine Farben: Der Weg des Lichts durch den Regentropfen zum Auge

Der Regenbogen und seine Farben: Der Weg des Lichts durch den Regentropfen zum Auge

The project consists of two parts. The first part considers the construction of the apparatus and experiments required to explain the phenomenon of the rainbow. It starts with the analysis of white light passing through first a prismatic and then a cylindrical mass of water. This is followed by a demonstration of the paths followed by green and red laser beams through the same medium. Finally, two models demonstrate the passage of sunlight through a drop of water and a rainbow as seen in the sky. The second part demonstrates a inter-disciplinary approach to physics, chemistry and biology. Remaining true to the title of the programme, “Winning Hearts and Minds in Science Teaching”, we chose this work as it serves the concept of beauty (winning hearts) and favours supervision during teaching (winning minds). Furthermore, we paid particular attention to constructing the apparatus with simple items found in everyday life or school laboratories.

Science on Stage Festival 2011 | Greece | Ed. Ilias Kalogirou

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