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Science on Stage Germany initiated a project to build up long-lasting cooperation between STEM teachers and scientists. Natural scientists and local science teachers do research together on current scientific topics. The teachers transfer the knowledge into school lessons.

Through the collaboration, educators have the chance to gain insights in fields of study of universities and research institutes. They are able to transfer the newly acquired knowledge in class for their students and to develop teaching material. Scientists profit from the exchange for their scientific communication.

For a start, there will be four regional teachers and scientists collaborations in Germany from 2014 on. The aim is to internationalize the cooperative work in further countries in the future.

In 2017 Science on Stage Germany will publish a guideline about how collaborations between teachers and scientists can be established and maintained as well as teaching material based on the results from the regional cooperations. The project is conducted in cooperation with Stiftung Jugend forscht e. V.

If you are interested in building up a teachers and scientists collaboration or if you have already gained experiences in this field, please contact .(Javascript muss aktiviert sein, um diese E-Mail-Adresse zu sehen)

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