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The Sky in your Hands: Astronomie für sehbehinderte Schüler zum Fühlen und Begreifen

The Sky in your Hands: Astronomie für sehbehinderte Schüler zum Fühlen und Begreifen

“The sky in your hands” is a project created in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, which goal is to create an image of the Universe for the visually impaired and blind public as close as possible to the real world, seeking to foster other skills related to the understanding of science. It includes a planetarium show with an audio component and tactile semi-spheres that public can touch and follow a story about constellations and other objects in the Universe. A touchable exhibition with relief images is also available. Now this open source project goes inside the classroom using simple and inexpensive materials to teach astronomy and inspire teachers.

Find a press release as well as a video on the project here.

Science on Stage Festival 2013 | Portugal | Ed. Isabel Borges

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