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Teaching materials

Science on Stage offers teaching materials developed from European STEM teachers for STEM teachers. All materials are free of charge and can be downloaded here. Please use the tag search on the left to filter your request.

All materials are licensed as Creative Commons unless otherwise noted: Attribution - Non-commercial - Share alike 

Experimente mit Chips: Proteine, Kohlenhydrate, Fette sowie Vitamin-, Magnesium und Calciumgehalt Experiments with crisps: Investigating proteins, carbohydrates, reducing sugars, fats as well as vitamins, magnesium and calcium

In the context of our project we have investigated components (proteins, carbohydrates, reducing sugars, fats) into different types of chips qualitatively and in part quantitatively. Under the microscop it is possible to see specific structures.

Science on Stage Festival…

Astronomie in der Grundschule: Sonnensystem, Erde und Mond im Klassenzimmer begreifbar machen Astronomy in primary school Section: Bringing the solar system, earth and moon to the classroom

Astronomy, fascinating and incredible! We will show and explain how you can teach complex connections in astronomy with the simplest materials. Example: the solar system (the sun and the planets), the earth and the moon. We think it is important…

Paper-Automata: Technik in der Grundschule mit beweglichem, mechanischen Spielzeug vermitteln Paper-Automata: Introducing primary students to technics with moving,mechanical toys

Paper-Automata for the classroom
This educational project is an innovative project that is using mechanical moving toys (Automata) as a tool to enhance primary student’s learning across a range of transversal key competences.
Mechanical moving toys (Automata) are…

Smartphones im gymnasialen Physikunterricht: Experimente rund um das Thema Beschleunigung Teaching physics with smartphones: Experiments on acceleration

Smartphones beeing present in our everyday life, and also in the life of our students, lead to the idea of including this gadget in class. Nowadays a lot of smartphones having fancy hitech sensors, i.e. an accelerometer and a rate…

Elektronik im MINT-Unterricht: Microcontroller – Programmierung und Funktionen Electronics in STEM teaching: Microcontroller – Programming and functions

A Microcontroller (?C) is practically a one-chip-computersystem. You find it in everyday devices (cars, toys, greeting cards etc.). ?C are adapted in their equipment to the intended purpose. It´s interesting for schools to work with these electronic components in MINTsubjects…

HOBOS: Verhaltensforschung im Biologieunterricht mit selbtsgebauten Bienenkisten HOBOS: Investigating the behaviour of bees with self-constructed bee-boxes in biology classes

HOBOS, the interdisciplinary bee project at the University of Wurzburg, is already put into practice successfully at Deutschhaus Gymnasium. A lesson based on HOBOS is divided into three parts: 1.instruction by the teacher. 2. independent student work. 3. summary and…

Untersuchungen zur Sonnenstrahlung und Atmosphäre: Schüler bauen und steuern einen Solarballon Investigating solar radiation and atmosphere with a solar balloon constructed by students

A solar balloon is a hot air balloon made of black plastic sheeting which absorbs almost the entire solar beam. It is an exciting and interesting project for students to make a solar balloon, but it has a major problem:…

Wie sich die Farben des Lichts auf die Fotosynthese auswirken – Material für den Biologieunterricht How colors of visible light affect the activity of photosynthesis – Material for biology classes

The project aims to investigate the dependence of photosynthesis on light quality / light color. This should be done by measuring CO2 - consumption and O2 - development over time in a 2L’s Vernier bio-chamber, wherein a plant is illuminated…

Von Lehrern für Lehrer: MINT-Unterrichtsideen für Europa beim Science on Stage Festival 2008 From teachers for teachers: STEM teaching ideas for Europe at the Science on Stage festival 2008

23rd - 26th October 2008, in the Urania Berlin.
Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. Berlin, 2008

life+science: Science on Stage – Science Teaching Festival life+science: Science on Stage – Science Teaching Festival

Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V., Arbeitgeberverband Gesamtmetall - THINK ING.,
Giesel Verlag. Isernhagen, 2008

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