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Teaching Science in Europe 2: Science for the youngest, interdisciplinary teaching and self-evaluation

Teaching Science in Europe 2: MINT für die Jüngsten, interdisziplinäres Unterrichten und Evaluation

For this publication, 100 pedagogues of 20 European countries came together to discuss current concepts and materials for science teaching. In this publication of 2006, they present their findings “from teachers for teachers”. The brochure contains contributions and teaching materials to the topics: “Science in Kindergarten and Primary School”, “Interdisciplinary Teaching (scientific and non scientific subject)” and “Self-perception and self-evaluation”.

You can directly download the brochure in English and German language here or order the printed version by sending an E-Mail with your contact information to (only available in English).

Downloads Teaching Science in Europe 2 (de) Teaching Science in Europe 2 (en) Cover - Teaching Science in Europe 2 Bauanleitung für Boote dt Seite 16 Bauanleitung für Fluggeräte dt Seite 16 Die Kerze unter dem Trinkglas - ausführliche Beschreibung Seite 39 Construction manual boats page 16 Construction manual flying devices page 16 Script of drama sketch ‘Evolution’ page 12 Script for drama sketch ‘Aristotle and Democritus’ page 12 Script for drama sketch ‘Drama on prevention of scurvy’ page 12 Script for drama sketch ‘Jenner and Vaccination’ page 12 Related matrial Laternenmond: Elektrizität in der Grundschule mit Physiker Otto Lührs Winning Hearts and Minds: MINT-Experimente und -Unterrichtskonzepte aus ganz Europa Laternenmond: Geologie in der Grundschule rund ums Thema Stein mit Benno Baumgarten Laternenmond: Astronomie in der Grundschule mit der Sternenforscherin Nadya Ben Bekhti entdecken Laternenmond: In der Grundschule rund ums Fahrrad forschen mit Ingenieur Markus Riese