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Every two years, Science on Stage Europe organises a Europe-wide education festival at varying venues. Here, up to 400 teachers from over 30 countries come together to share and exchange their ideas and concepts for a successful STEM education.

The participating teachers present their good practice examples to their international colleagues at stands, in workshops and on-stage presentations. The education festivals can be seen as the peak of Science on Stage Europe’s work, since they constitute a gateway for national follow-up activities of the individual Science on Stage countries. Through the festivals, newly acquired concepts find their way to teacher trainings, brochures and teaching materials of every participating country.

It is essential for the participation at the European education festival to have qualified via selective events on the national level. These events, where the delegation of each country is chosen, are organised by every country’s own representation.

The Science on Stage Festival 2013 took place in Słubice and Frankfurt (Oder). It was the first time the festival was organised in a bilateral cooperation. The Polish organisational committee of the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan and Science on Stage Germany collaborated under the motto “Crossing Borders in Science Teaching”. The next European festival 2015 was hosted by Science on Stage United Kingdom in London at Queen Mary University under the motto "Illuminating Science Education". The European festival 2017 took place at Kölcsey Convention Centre in Debrecen Hungary, where the event celebrated its 10th jubilee under the motto "Inventing the Future of Science Education".

The upcoming festival will be hosted from 31 October - 3 November in Cascais, Portugal. The motto will be "Skills for the Future" and national selection events will be held in 2018 in the member countries.