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Teaching materials

Science on Stage offers teaching materials developed from European STEM teachers for STEM teachers. All materials are free of charge and can be downloaded here. Please use the tag search on the left to filter your request.

All materials are licensed as Creative Commons unless otherwise noted: Attribution - Non-commercial - Share alike 

Der perfekte Rasen – Die Biologie hinter dem Fußballgras (iStage 3) The Green, Green Grass of Dome – The biology of a perfect football pitch (iStage 3)

It needs to be firmly attached to the soil and it needs to be sturdy enough to not get easily damaged by trampling: Football-turf grass. In the teaching unit ‘The Green, Green Grass of Dome’ students of secondary school grow…

Die CO2-Spielbilanz – Das Thema Nachhaltigkeit spielerisch entdecken (iStage 3) Stamping on the Carbon Footprint – Exploring Sustainability Playfully (iStage 3)

At big sport events like a world championship the carbon footprint and the sustainability of the event are most of the time put aside by the collective euphoria of the visitors and the media during the occasion. But the negative…

Es grünt so grün – Die Fotosyntheserate beim Fußballrasen (iStage 3) Pitch Perfect – The Rate of Photosynthesis of Football Turf (iStage 3)

Roots and leaves of football turf are suffering a lot during a football match. For this reason it is vital to encourage the rapid recovery of the damaged grass between two matches: For example by using artificial light.


Training macht den Meister – Leistung messen, analysieren und steigern (iStage 3) Let’s Get Physical – Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Performance (iStage 3)

Who wants to stand his or her ground as professional football player needs exceptional skills, a quick capacity to respond, speed and endurance. Players need to practice and train hard to hone their skills and increase their fitness.


Getränke mit Kick – Inhaltsstoffe von Energydrinks und ihre Chemie (iStage 3) Drink and Think – Components of Energy Drinks and the Chemistry behind them (iStage 3)

Tired and played out? Nearly everyone has reached for an energy drink or an isotonic drink in order to get a quick boost. But what are their components and how do they affect our bodies?

In the unit ‚Drink…

Handspiel – Vom Einfluss der Handkoordination auf die Dynamik im Fußball (iStage 3) Handling the Ball – Using Hands to Increase Movement Dynamic in Football (iStage 3)

A football player deliberately handling the ball will be seriously punished by the referee. However, the coordination of the hand position not only decides whether players receive a yellow or red card but also influences their ability to move and…

Unter Druck – Die Physik des Fußballs (iStage 3) Under Pressure – the physics of the football (iStage 3)

Whether it is the World Cup, the European Football Championship or the Champions League - football enthuses people all around Europe at any time. In the teaching unit ‘Under Pressure’ it is all about the ball and the impact of…

Achtung, Aufsetzer! – Bewegung, kinetische Energie und Dynamik des Fußballs (iStage 3) Don’t Touch the Ground! – Motion, Kinetic Energy and Momentum (iStage 3)

Goalkeepers say that their job becomes more difficult if the ball bounces on the ground in front of them, because this leads to a change in energy and movement of the ball.

In the teaching unit ‘Don’t Touch the…

Bananenflanke – Der Magnus-Effekt beim Fußball (iStage 3) Screwball Physics – The Magnus Effect in Football (iStage 3)

In June 1997, Roberto Carlos scored an infamous goal in a 35 m free kick with the ball first going off in one direction and then magically curling towards the goal. How did that happen?

The answer is that…

Big Data im Spiel – Datenerfassung und Analyse wie bei den Profis (iStage 3) Data Match – Data Capture and Analysis like a Professional (iStage 3)

There is no football without analysing the match. The capture and analysis of big data using cameras and sensors gains increasing importance in various areas of the sport, such as the improvement of player performance, the planning of training, the…

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