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Winning Hearts and Minds: MINT-Experimente und -Unterrichtskonzepte aus ganz Europa Winning Hearts and Minds in Science Teaching: STEM-experiments and teaching concepts from all over Europe

This publication resulted out of the seventh Science on Stage Festival 2011 in Copenhagen. Selected examples of the displayed projects are described and explained. Teachers can easily adopt the findings of the international exchange into their own classes.


Coding H20 - Wir programmieren einen Solar-Destillierapparat Coding H2O - How to program a solar still

In this teaching unit your students learn how to test a solar still by using sensors with an Arduino microcontroller to measure its efficiency. Using low-cost devices such as humidity and temperature sensors, the students conduct experiments to optimise their…

Der Zauberhandschuh - Sensoren an jedem Finger Magic Glove - Sensors on every finger

The students build and use a glove with a different sensor on each finger. This allows them to carry out different experiments and use the “magic” glove to measure temperature, brightness, humidity etc.. All they have to do is to…

CoALA - Code a Little Animal CoALA - Code a Little Animal

In this teaching unit your students plan, construct and program their own pet simulator, that is controlled by a single-board computer like Calliope mini or BBC micro:bit and uses external sensors to imitate the needs of a pet.

Schiff ahoi! The Remote Captain

The students design and build their own boat. They use an Arduino board to control the boat remotely with a smartphone and, using AppInventor, they program a mobile app with different contol systems. “The Remote Captain” is suitable for students…

Der perfekte Rasen – Die Biologie hinter dem Fußballgras (iStage 3) The Green, Green Grass of Dome – The biology of a perfect football pitch (iStage 3)

It needs to be firmly attached to the soil and it needs to be sturdy enough to not get easily damaged by trampling: Football-turf grass. In the teaching unit ‘The Green, Green Grass of Dome’ students of secondary school grow…

Die CO2-Spielbilanz – Das Thema Nachhaltigkeit spielerisch entdecken (iStage 3) Stamping on the Carbon Footprint – Exploring Sustainability Playfully (iStage 3)

At big sport events like a world championship the carbon footprint and the sustainability of the event are most of the time put aside by the collective euphoria of the visitors and the media during the occasion. But the negative…

Es grünt so grün – Die Fotosyntheserate beim Fußballrasen (iStage 3) Pitch Perfect – The Rate of Photosynthesis of Football Turf (iStage 3)

Roots and leaves of football turf are suffering a lot during a football match. For this reason it is vital to encourage the rapid recovery of the damaged grass between two matches: For example by using artificial light.


Training macht den Meister – Leistung messen, analysieren und steigern (iStage 3) Let’s Get Physical – Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Performance (iStage 3)

Who wants to stand his or her ground as professional football player needs exceptional skills, a quick capacity to respond, speed and endurance. Players need to practice and train hard to hone their skills and increase their fitness.


Getränke mit Kick – Inhaltsstoffe von Energydrinks und ihre Chemie (iStage 3) Drink and Think – Components of Energy Drinks and the Chemistry behind them (iStage 3)

Tired and played out? Nearly everyone has reached for an energy drink or an isotonic drink in order to get a quick boost. But what are their components and how do they affect our bodies?

In the unit ‚Drink…

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