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Handspiel – Vom Einfluss der Handkoordination auf die Dynamik im Fußball (iStage 3) Handling the Ball – Using Hands to Increase Movement Dynamic in Football (iStage 3)

A football player deliberately handling the ball will be seriously punished by the referee. However, the coordination of the hand position not only decides whether players receive a yellow or red card but also influences their ability to move and…

Unter Druck – Die Physik des Fußballs (iStage 3) Under Pressure – the physics of the football (iStage 3)

Whether it is the World Cup, the European Football Championship or the Champions League - football enthuses people all around Europe at any time. In the teaching unit ‘Under Pressure’ it is all about the ball and the impact of…

Achtung, Aufsetzer! – Bewegung, kinetische Energie und Dynamik des Fußballs (iStage 3) Don’t Touch the Ground! – Motion, Kinetic Energy and Momentum (iStage 3)

Goalkeepers say that their job becomes more difficult if the ball bounces on the ground in front of them, because this leads to a change in energy and movement of the ball.

In the teaching unit ‘Don’t Touch the…

Bananenflanke – Der Magnus-Effekt beim Fußball (iStage 3) Screwball Physics – The Magnus Effect in Football (iStage 3)

In June 1997, Roberto Carlos scored an infamous goal in a 35 m free kick with the ball first going off in one direction and then magically curling towards the goal. How did that happen?

The answer is that…

Big Data im Spiel – Datenerfassung und Analyse wie bei den Profis (iStage 3) Data Match – Data Capture and Analysis like a Professional (iStage 3)

There is no football without analysing the match. The capture and analysis of big data using cameras and sensors gains increasing importance in various areas of the sport, such as the improvement of player performance, the planning of training, the…

Elfmeter – Anwendung der Spieltheorie und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung im Fußball (iStage 3) Shoot to Thrill – Game theory and probability calculation in football (iStage 3)

Penalty shoot-outs are among the most thrilling situations that can occur during a football match. In this teaching unit the game theory is being introduced to the students. These get to know how to calculate the probability of scoring a…

Glück im Spiel – Die Statistik hinter Sportwetten (iStage 3) Goal Stock Exchange – The Statistics behind Sports Betting (iStage 3)

Football is one of the most powerful businesses within the sport industry worldwide. The sports betting industry alone is worth anywhere between €606 and €870 billion a year. In order to predict whether a football team is going to win…

Laternenmond: Biologie in der Grundschule mit Ameisenforscher Bert Hölldobler Lantern Moon: Biology in primary school with ant researcher Bert Hölldobler

Bert Hölldobler is a world-famous ant researcher who found out how ants communicate by means of scent. In ‘Lantern Moon and Hot Ears’ he shows how primary school students can become ant reseachers themselves in a playful way.

Laternenmond: Astronomie in der Grundschule mit der Sternenforscherin Nadya Ben Bekhti entdecken Lantern Moon: Researching stars in primary school with astronomer Nadya Ben Bekhti

Already as a 4-year-old Nadya Ben Bekthi knew that later in her life she wanted to investigate the stars. Her career aspiration tended towards being an astronaut at first, but after visiting a Planetarium she decided to become an astronomer.…

Laternenmond: Chemie in der Grundschule mit Petra Mischnick und dem Tapetenkleister-Experiment Lantern Moon: Chemistry in primary school with Petra Mischnick and the wallpaper paste experiment

It’s sticky: wallpaper paste. But what is it made of and why does it jump like a ball if you squeeze it thightly and smash it to the ground even though it is a liquid?

Petra Mischnick is…

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