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Elektronik im MINT-Unterricht: Microcontroller – Programmierung und Funktionen Electronics in STEM teaching: Microcontroller – Programming and functions

A Microcontroller (?C) is practically a one-chip-computersystem. You find it in everyday devices (cars, toys, greeting cards etc.). ?C are adapted in their equipment to the intended purpose. It´s interesting for schools to work with these electronic components in MINTsubjects…

HOBOS: Verhaltensforschung im Biologieunterricht mit selbtsgebauten Bienenkisten HOBOS: Investigating the behaviour of bees with self-constructed bee-boxes in biology classes

HOBOS, the interdisciplinary bee project at the University of Wurzburg, is already put into practice successfully at Deutschhaus Gymnasium. A lesson based on HOBOS is divided into three parts: 1.instruction by the teacher. 2. independent student work. 3. summary and…

Untersuchungen zur Sonnenstrahlung und Atmosphäre: Schüler bauen und steuern einen Solarballon Investigating solar radiation and atmosphere with a solar balloon constructed by students

A solar balloon is a hot air balloon made of black plastic sheeting which absorbs almost the entire solar beam. It is an exciting and interesting project for students to make a solar balloon, but it has a major problem:…

Wie sich die Farben des Lichts auf die Fotosynthese auswirken – Material für den Biologieunterricht How colors of visible light affect the activity of photosynthesis – Material for biology classes

The project aims to investigate the dependence of photosynthesis on light quality / light color. This should be done by measuring CO2 - consumption and O2 - development over time in a 2L’s Vernier bio-chamber, wherein a plant is illuminated…

Von Lehrern für Lehrer: MINT-Unterrichtsideen für Europa beim Science on Stage Festival 2008 From teachers for teachers: STEM teaching ideas for Europe at the Science on Stage festival 2008

23rd - 26th October 2008, in the Urania Berlin.
Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. Berlin, 2008

life+science: Science on Stage – Science Teaching Festival life+science: Science on Stage – Science Teaching Festival

Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V., Arbeitgeberverband Gesamtmetall - THINK ING.,
Giesel Verlag. Isernhagen, 2008

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