Science On Stage - Deutschland

The European Network For Science Teachers


Board Members

Dr. Jörg Gutschank Dr. Jörg Gutschank Chair, physics, coding projects / iStage projects, positioning Mario Spies Mario Spies Vice-Chair, primary school, language promotion, teacher training Helga Fenz Helga Fenz Biology, teacher trainings teachers + scientists, conferences, teaching material of the month, festival Sebastian Funk Sebastian Funk Coding, PR / social media, digital media Thomas Lundschien Thomas Lundschien Treasurer, chemistry, teacher training, teaching material of the month, festival, outreach to teachers in training

Former Chairmen

Dr. Ute Hänsler Prof. Otto Lührs Chair / Department networks and Science Center Prof. Dr. Michael Kobel (Gründungsvorsitzender) Dr. Wolfgang Welz