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Evaluation Science on Stage

How do teachers benefit from Science on Stage? The education platform has a sustainable impact, as various evaluation studies proof.

The recent results of the evalution of our Science on Stage festival 2017 demonstrate that the exchange of teachers at Science on Stage has a positive impact on the motivation and joy in the profession!

  • 90% of participating teachers* have incorporated ideas that were presented at Science on Stage events into their own lessons.
  • 80% of participating teachers have incorporated ideas, they had acquired through Science on Stage events into teacher training in their home countries and thus functioned as multipliers.
  • 98% of the participants established international contacts; over 60% of them made at least four good contacts.
  • over 95% of the participants* rate the sustainability effect of the festival as high; 73% of them stated to apply also for the next festival.

*Feedback on follow-up survey

Find the complete results here as PDF for DownloadThe evaluation of 2017 will be provided for download soon.


Dr. Tanja Tajmel, Centre for Engineering in Society, Concordia University, Montréal
Dr. Ingo Salzmann, Department of Physics, Concordia University, Montréal

Find the detailed evaluation report of Tanja Tajmel, which she presented at the Materials Research Society MRS 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts, here.