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The teachers of Science on Stage all share common traits: They are committed, they love the exchange with colleagues from their own country and beyond national borders, and they enthuse their students with enthralling and innovative STEM teaching ideas. Here we introduce some of the teachers who not only represent but also shape our network.

Teachers at Science on Stage

Petra Breuer-Küppers Petra Breuer-Küppers LVR-Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-School, Viersen biology, special needs education MORE Prof. Otto Lührs Prof. Otto Lührs Science Center Spectrum (Head a.D.) physics MORE Soraya Cornelius Soraya Cornelius Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Nagold chemistry, natural sciences and technics MORE Thomas Gerl Thomas Gerl Ludwig-Thoma-Gymnasium Prien biology, chemistry MORE Thomas Lundschien Thomas Lundschien Andreas-Gymnasium Berlin-Friedrichshain (MINT-EC Schule) chemistry, biology MORE Ulrike Englert Ulrike Englert Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium Neumarkt i.d.Oberpfalz (MINT-EC Schule) physics, maths MORE  < 1 2 3 4 > 
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