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The teachers of Science on Stage

The teachers of Science on Stage do have one thing in common: They are committed, they love to exchange with colleagues from their own country and beyond their countries borders and they enthuse their students with enthralling and innovative STEM teaching ideas. Here we introduce to you some of the teachers that not only represent but mark our network.

Teachers at? Science on Stage

Johannes Almer Johannes Almer Ludwig-Thoma-Gymnasium Prien maths, physics, nature and technics MORE Jürgen Miericke Jürgen Miericke Hardenberg-Gymnasium-Fürth (a.D.) physics, maths MORE Kirsten Lauritsen Kirsten Lauritsen Friedrich-Anton-von-Heinitz-Gymnasium Rüdersdorf chemistry, biology MORE Mario Spies Mario Spies Primary School Landkern headmaster MORE Mirek Hancl Mirek Hancl chemistry, computer science MORE Peter Meiss Peter Meiss Theo-Koch-Schule Grünberg (MINT-EC school) maths, physics MORE  < 1 2 3 > 
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