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Mirek Hancl

Mirek Hancl

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Mirek Hančl is a chemistry and computer science teacher and studied in Hamburg where he also did his traineeship. Since 2009 he is working at the Lessing-Gymnasium in Uelzen. From 2011 to 2016 he was part of the Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung (NLQ) as advisor for media education on teaching with new media. In 2016 he received a part-time secondment to the computer science department of the Osnabrück University and supports the computer science network of the Land Niedersachsen. At the national Science on Stage festival 2014 in Berlin, he presented a project on 'Computer Science with Minecraft' and was selected to participate in the European Science on Stage festival 2015 in London. Following the festival, he presented his project in a Science on Stage teacher training and was part of the jury in the Science on Stage festival 2016. Currently, he is involved as co-author in the new international Science on Stage teacher project ‚Coding in Science Teaching‘. Since 2018 he is also ambassador of Science on Stage Germany.


What does being a teacher mean to you?

Being a teacher means to show your students that learning is a lifelong process. 


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

Practical - Sustainable - Colourful


Why participate?

Science on Stage supports the exchange of ideas between STEM teachers from all across Europe in a collegial manner and inspires with creative, innovative teaching projects from real life.



Commitment at Science on Stage:

Participant national Science on Stage festival 2014 (Berlin), participant European Science on Stage festival 2015 (London), speaker at teacher training Lüneburg 2015, member of the jury at national Science on Stage festival 2016, since 2017 co-author 'Coding in Science Teaching'



2011-2016: Advisor for media education on teaching with new media at the Niedersächsisches Landesinstitut für schulische Qualitätsentwicklung (NLQ), since 2016: disseminator at the computer science network, Land Niedersachsen


Press review on Mirek Hančl:

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