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Wolfgang Zeitter

Wolfgang Zeitter

Gymnasium Starnberg physics, biology, natural sciences and technology, system superviser wolfgang.zeitter[at]

Wolfgang Zeitter teaches physics, biology as well as natural sciences and technology at the Gymnasium Starnberg in Bavaria. Furthermore, he supports his school as system administrator. He both studied and did his apprenticeship in Munich, at the Technische Universität and the Rupprecht-Gymnasium. Since 1989 he has taught at the Gymnasium Starnberg. In 1992 he started to advice his students for the competition 'Jugend forscht'. He took part in the German Science on Stage festival 2016 in Berlin and again qualified for the event in 2018 with an innovative teaching project. Wolfgang Zeitter is an active member of Science on Stage and supports the network as local ambassador. In 2019 he organised the first Science on Stage regulars' table in the Bavarian 'Voralpenland'.


What does being a teacher mean to you?

... more than just a 'job' ...


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

inspiration - innovation - exciting exchange of ideas


Why participate?

It is important to get involved and to contribute - only in this way you can keep your fire burning. And of course it's fun.


Commitment at Science on Stage:

Participant German Science on Stage festival 2016 and 2018 (Berlin), since 2018 ambassador, since 2019 organiser of the Science on Stage 'Voralpenland' regulars' table 


Press review on Wolfgang Zeitter: (Süddeutsche Zeitung Online) - Starnberger Physiklehrer bringt Schuhe zum Leuchten (16.11.2018) (Merkur) - Der Starnberger Daniel Düsentrieb (06.11.2018)

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