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Thomas Lundschien

Thomas Lundschien

Andreas-Gymnasium Berlin-Friedrichshain (MINT-EC Schule) chemistry, biology t.lundschien[at]

Thomas Lundschien is a teacher for biology and chemistry as well as head of the department for natural sciences at the Andreas-Gymnasium Berlin-Friedrichshain (MINT-EC). He absolved his apprenticeship at the University of Rostock. Since 1990 he teaches in Berlin. Via his commitment for the Gläsernes Labor in Berlin-Buch he came to Science on Stage in 2011. Since that time he strengthens the special field chemistry in the network. Since 2013 he is a member of the board of Science on Stage Germany.



What does being a teacher mean to you?

To me it is a privilege to work with young people that to have great potential and to help them to use it.


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

Innovative - Inspiring - International


Why participate?

Because there is no better opportunity for teachers to exchange directly and Europe-wide.



Commitment at Science on Stage:

Member of the panel at German Science on Stage festivals since 2012, support on teacher training, participant ‚Teachers + Scientists‘, since 2013 member of the board of Science on Stage Germany



Gläsernes Labor (until 2014)

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