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Dr. Jörg Gutschank

Dr. Jörg Gutschank

Leibniz Gymnasium | Dortmund International School physics, maths (robotics) j.gutschank[at]

Jörg Gutschank teaches physics, maths and robotics at the Leibniz Gymnasium | Dortmund International School. In his decision to become a teacher he took a loop way: He studied physics in Dortmund and Galway and made his doctor's degree. Aside of this he worked as coach in a circus for children. Together with the physists Marcus Weber, whom he was friends with, he decided to combine science and hobby. At the European festival ‚Physics on Stage‘ in Geneva in the year 2000 they presented a physics show with interactive experiments – this was when the succesful German show company ‚Physikanten & Co‘ was born. In 2004 Jörg Gutschank finally decided to become a teacher. At Science on Stage he is committed since the beginning of the initiative with ‚Physics on Stage‘.



What does being a teacher mean to you?

I touch the future: I teach. (quote)


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

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Why participate?

Because it is fun to work with teachers from other countries, and because of this exchange your own teaching improves.



Commitment at Science on Stage:

Participant ‚Physics on Stage‘ 2000, participant ‚Science on Stage Festival‘ 2008, participant ‚Teaching Science in Europe 2 and 3‘, main coordinator of the brochure series ‚iStage 1, 2 and 3‘, member of the panel at German and international Science on Stage festivals, since 2015 chair of the board of Science on Stage Germany



Member of the panel at the Jugend forscht local competition Dortmund and member of the DPG.


Press review on Jörg Gutschank:

Science in School – The European journal for science teachers, Issue 14 (30.04.2010)

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