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Peter Meiss

Peter Meiss

Theo-Koch-Schule Grünberg (MINT-EC school) maths, physics p.meiss[at]

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Peter Meiss is teaching maths and physics at the Theo-Koch-Schule Grünberg (MINT-EC). Within the scope of MINT-EC. Das nationale Excellence-Schulnetzwerk he campaigns for the advancement of internationality and bilingualism at school. After taking part in a teacher training he joined Science on Stage in 2014 and henceforth supported the initiative as member of the panel at the German Science on Stage festival in Berlin for the special field maths. Since 2015 he fortifies the BackStageTeam of Science on Stage Germany.



What does being a teacher mean to you?

To share your own passion and interest in your subject with the students and in the same time to broaden their minds as well as your own - sometimes also in a challenging way.


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

interdisdicplinary – international – unconstrained


Why participate?

It is only a little effort to participate and in the same time you receive an enormous additional benefit concerning motivation and know-how. The question is not: why shoul one join, but why should not!



Commitment at Science on Stage:

Member of the panel at German Science on Stage festivals since 2014, since 2015 member of the BackStageTeam of Science on Stage Germany



Participation on MINT-EC. Das nationale Excellence-Schulnetzwerk – Cluster internationality/bilingualism, Straße der Experimente Gießen


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