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Heidrun Boll

Heidrun Boll

Berta Hummel-Schule Bad Saulgau Primary school teacher heidrun.boll[at]

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Heidrun Boll works as primary school teacher at the Berta Hummel-Schule in Bad Saulgau. Before that she studied music and maths at the PH Weingarten. Next to her profession as primary school teacher she works at the Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ®), being in charge for the primary school department since 2011. In 2012 she took part in the German Science on Stage festival in Berlin together with her colleague Christa Müller and qualified as participant for the international Science on Stage festival 2013 in Słubice / Frankfurt (Oder) with the astronomy project ‚Astronomy in primary school: Solar system - Earth and Moon‘. At this occasion Heidrun Boll and Christa Müll got to know Isabel Borges and Lina Canas, two teachers from Portugal. Supported by Science on Stage they initiated a German-Portuguese school project they subsequently qualified with for the next international festival in London 2015. In 2017 she got awarded with the European STEM Teacher Award for the category 'Science for the Youngest' at the European Science on Stage festival in Debrecen, Hungary. Since 2015 she represents Science on Stage Germany as 'ambassador' in Oberschwaben, Baden-Württemberg. Since 2017 she is also a member of the German Science on Stage BackStageTeam and helps to develop teaching materials.


What does being a teacher mean to you?

For me it means to accompany young people on their learning process and to be driven by their enthusiasm. Doing experiments with them and watching their amazement whilst they are doing their observation is what drives me as a teacher.


What do you think about Science on Stage - in 3 words?

Motivation for your own work through mutual appreciation - 'filling station' for energy - to be not ashamed for ones own commitment on the job


Why participate?

It is incredibly enriching to talk to people that are really interested in an exchange of ideas and thoughts. It is amazing what a stimulus you get from them. Especially the colleagues from primary school are always trying to design experiments as simple and comprehensibly as possible, especially when it comes to the use of material in these.



Commitment at Science on Stage:

Participant German Science on Stage festival 2012, 2014 and 2016 (Berlin), participant European Science on Stage festival 2013 (Słubice / Frankfurt (Oder)), 2015 (London) and 2017 (Debrecen), Initiation of the German-Portuguese joint project ‚ Simply Paper Made – Distances and Sizes in Our Solar System‘ 2013, since 2015 'ambassador' for Science on Stage Germany, since 2017 member of the German Science on Stage BackStageTeam, author 'Strong as a bear through leverage' and 'Lilus House' (2018)



Since 2005: Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg (SFZ®), since 2011: Head of the departement for primary school at the SFZ®


Press review on Heidrun Boll: – Weltraum verbindet Lissabon und Bad Saulgau (26.02.2014) – Astronomie begreifen mit Schere und Papier (26.06.2015) - Lehrerinnen stellen Projekte vor (18.11.2016) - Mit Physik macht Heidrun Boll Schüler "Bärenstark" (22.06.2017) - Das beste Grundschulprojekt kommt aus Bad Saulgau (04.07.2017)

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