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Fascinating young people for STEM, strengthening their science skills and winning them over for a career in engineering, IT or scientific research - this is what the STEM teacher network Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. stands for.

How do we reach the students? It is the teachers that matter!

This is why we support teachers in their continous professional development, encourage them in their motivation and commitment, and help them spread their best practice teaching concepts.

You too care about STEM education? Contact us to become a partner or supporter!

Contact: Stefanie Schlunk (Executive Manager),      Tel: +49 30/40 00 67 40 | .(Javascript muss aktiviert sein, um diese E-Mail-Adresse zu sehen)

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think ING., the initiative of the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries (GESAMTMETALL).

European Science on Stage festival 2008 and 2013 ׀ Teaching Science in Europe 3 (2010) ׀ Laternenmoon and Hot Ears - Promoting Language Skills through inquiry-based learning with biographies (2011) ׀ National Science on Stage festival 2010-2018 

Cooperation partners

National Science on Stage festival 2012-2018 ׀ European Science on Stage festival 2013 ׀ Teachers & Scientists

iStage - Developing Teaching Materials for ICT in Natural Sciences (2011/2012) ׀ iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching (2013/2014) ׀ iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching (2015/2016) ׀ European STEM League 2017 ׀ Coding in STEM Education (2017/2019) ׀ ​National Science on Stage festival 2016-2018 | European Code League 

European Science on Stage festival 2013 ׀ Teacher trainings in Karlsruhe, Lüneburg and Dortmund (2015) ׀ National Science on Stage festival 2016-2018 

Primary school projecet Lilu's House: Language Promotion through Experiments (2016-2018)

National Science on Stage festival 2018

National Science on Stage festival 2018

Teaching Science in Europe 3 (2010) ׀ European Science on Stage festival 2013 ׀ National Science on Stage festival 2016-2018

National Science on Stage festival 2018

National Science on Stage festival 2018

European Science on Stage festival 2008 and 2013 ׀ National Science on Stage festival 2016

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