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Highly commended: MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe

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With our colleagues from MINT-EC – Das nationale Excellence-Schulnetzwerk, we not only share an office - we share a vision! MINT-EC invites secondary schools with special focus on STEM to join the network and offer their students an optimal start for their future career in economy, science and society.

Teachers at MINT-EC-schools work together to further develop their STEM classes. The MINT-EC-Schriftenreihe is resulting from these efforts: it presents school and teaching concepts of the MINT-EC-Themencluster as well as additional contributions of scientific institutions and companies.

The publications addresses school administrations and STEM teachers alike and can be download for free at the MINT-EC-Mediathek: 

Printed versions can be ordered via think ING. Materialbestellung.