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Let’s Get Physical – Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Performance (iStage 3)

Training macht den Meister – Leistung messen, analysieren und steigern (iStage 3)

Who wants to stand his or her ground as professional football player needs exceptional skills, a quick capacity to respond, speed and endurance. Players need to practice and train hard to hone their skills and increase their fitness.

The teaching unit ‘Let’s Get Physical’ shows how to combine sports, biology, computer sciences and mathematics: Students measure and analyse in five different performance tests how regular and intensive training effects their speed, jumping power, strength, movement coordination, agility and endurance. This way they get familiar with the concept ‚performance‘ on different scientific levels.

The teaching unit is taken from the brochure ‘iStage 3 - Football in Science Teaching’ from the topic ‘body’. The complete brochure can be ordered free of charge via mail ( or downloaded. It was developed by 20 teachers from 15 countries around Europe. The project was proudly supported by SAP.

Authors: David Featonby (GB), Stefan Zunzer (AT)

All additional material for the brochure can be found here.

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