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Promoting language skills at special schools: Comprehending the stone age with all senses spending one week on the meadow

Sprachförderung an Förderschulen mit der Wiesenwoche: Das Thema Steinzeit mit allen Sinnen begreifen

Every year we build up a yurt on a meadow with our students (class 1-4/5) from „Schule an der Schwalm“ (a special school for children with learning disabilities). This yurt is housing if it rains and laydown for all materials we need. We have one subject matter (e.g. Stone Age) and arrange duties with natural scientific focal points: one group looks for firewood and makes sure that the fire burns very well and is cleaned up when we leave the meadow. The huntsmen produce weaponry (lances and bows) and test the property of flying. The gatherer look for herbs to make tea or salad, grain for baking bread, ingredients for a soup etc.

Science on Stage Festival 2011 | Germany | Hg. Petra Breuer Küppers

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