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Colourful Science: Experiments in biology, physics and chemistry with aqua beads

Farbenfrohe Wissenschaft: Experimente im Biologie-, Physik- und Chemieunterricht mit ‘Aqua Beads’

Aqua Beads are hydroponic gel beads that can absorb up to 150 times their volume in water. Chlorella algae can be grown on their surfaces and then used in photosynthesis experiments using CO2 or O2 sensors linked to a PC or a datalogger. Put Aqua Beads in lengths of visking tubing and they can simulate red blood cells and diffusion at tissues. Aqua beads soaked in Universal Indicator solution allow pH experiments to be conducted. As the beads are very elastic they can be used to measure the coefficient of restitution. Other visual demonstrations they can be used for include using colourful charts to demonstrate how the cones on the retina work and a demonstration of the conditions affecting the rising of bread dough.

Science on Stage Festival 2011 | Ireland | Ed. Catherine Tattersall

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