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Spot the Physics: Analysing movements, acceleration and free fall by video (iStage 2)

Sport und Physik: Bewegung, Beschleunigung und freier Fall in der Videoanalyse (iStage 2)

Teaching and learning contents of physics and sports can easily be combined and digitally analysed. How well this can work shows the teaching unit ‘Spot the Physics’: With their smartphones students record various motion sequences during sportive activities like the throwing of a basket ball or the acceleration during a bicycle ride. Later the students analyse the recorded videos to determine which physical theories can describe the phenomena observed.

For this teaching unit the students should be at an age between 15 and 19 years, for certain knowledge in physics is presumed.

The project is taken from the brochure ‘iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching’ from the topic ‘hands’. The complete brochure can be ordered free of charge (Mail to or downloaded. It was developed by 20 teachers from 14 countries around Europe. The project was proudly supported by SAP.

Writers: Dionysis Konstantinou (GR), Damjan Štrus (SI) | Publisher: Science on Stage Deutschland | License: Creative Commons

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