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Swinging Bodies: Video and graph analysis of spring and pendulum motions (iStage 1)

Schwingende Körper: Video- und Graphenanalyse bei Feder- und Pendelbewegungen (iStage 1)

Oscillating objects are all around us. Each and every sound is produced by an oscillating source. Studying oscillation is not the easiest thing to do but one of the easiest ways to analyse them are spring and pendulum motions.

This unit is recommended for students age 14 to 19 as prior knowledge in physics and information and communication technology is required. The teaching unit can be adapted to the specific level of knowledge of the students.

Please find the additional material mentioned in the text below. The project is taken from the brochure ‘iStage: ICT in Science Teaching’ from the unit ‘From Bicycle to Space’. You can download the complete brochure here (printed version no longer available). The material has been developed by 22 teachers from 15 countries. The project has been supported by SAP.

Please find additional material for this teaching unit here.

Authors: Anjuli Ahooja (CA), Corina Toma (RO), Damjan Štrus (SL), Dionysis Konstantinou (GR), Maria Dobkowska (PL), Miroslaw Los (PL), Students: Nandor Licker and Jagoda Bednarek | Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. | License: Creative Commons

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