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Going for a Song: Measuring noise pollution with a smartphone (iStage 2)

Alle Vögel sind schon da: Wie man Lärmbelastung mit dem Smartphone misst (iStage 2)

Do birds sing louder in the city, trying to drown the high background noise? With this question students are dealing in the teaching unit ‘Going for a Song’. Using smartphones and free apps they measure the amplitudes and frequencies of birdsongs in the city and in the countryside. This way the students analyse the direct effect of noise pollution on the behaviour of the animals.

For this teaching unit the students should be at an age between 16 and 18 years, for certain knowledge in biology and physics is presumed.

The project is taken from the brochure ‘iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching’ from the topic ‘ears’. The complete brochure can be ordered free of charge (Mail to or downloaded. It was developed by 20 teachers from 14 countries around Europe. The project was proudly supported by SAP.

Writers: Maria Dobkowska (PL), Anna Maria Pavlou (CY), Richard Spencer (UK) | Publisher: Science on Stage Deutschland | License: Creative Commons

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