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iStage 3 – Football in Science Teaching

iStage 3 – Fußball im MINT-Unterricht

What is the perfect curve of a ball’s trajectory, what must the ideal turf be like, and what’s the CO2 balance of the UEFA European Championship?

Football offers a great variety of questions and issues for your STEM classes: 20 teachers from 15 European countries developed twelve teaching units, presenting interesting experiments around football for biology, chemistry, computer sciences, maths and physics. From the measurement of the mass of the air inside the ball, to the influence of energy drinks on the performance of the players up to calculating the chance of scoring during a penalty shoot-out the brochure contains a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary challenges for secondary school students. The various teaching units encourage them to discover the natural scientific phenomena behind the popular game.

The brochure was supported by SAP and is the third volume of the ‘iStage’-series, following ‚iStage 1 – Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Science Teaching’ and ‚iStage 2 – Smartphones in Science Teaching‘. The brochure can be ordered free of charge in English and German as print publication ( or downloaded as PDF in various languages. The brochure is also available as iBook.

All additional material for the brochure can be found here.

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List of teaching units:

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